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About Us

When we first bought our home we spent time renovating. We wanted to make our house light and open, and bring that coastal outdoor feeling inside. Part of this meant filling our house with a plethora of house plants. In the process of styling, we struggled to find high quality decorative pots at a reasonable price. So, we started painting our own, and Casana Studio was born. We initially made and sold our pots and plants from our garage before expanding our range and opening a store.

Over the last 3 years, Casana has evolved and grown to become what it is today. We now carry a large range of lightweight pots, large established houseplants and rare houseplants. Our focus is on the natural and sustainable and brining that into your home. It is for this reason we curate a collection of rattan furniture pieces and vintage handmade Moroccan floor rugs. 

At Casana Studio we believe you shouldn’t buy products for your house, you should carefully select pieces that make your home wholesome. We love to help people create beautiful considered spaces.