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Casana Studio

Boujaad Rug 165x138cm


Dimensions: 165 x 138cm

Pile Length: Medium

Material: Wool 

Style Code: MRBBO1

Condition: Great vintage condition

Our collection of Moroccan rugs is carefully curated to include only high quality pieces. Each rug is handmade by skilled artisans and is therefore unique and one of a kind. All of our rugs are sourced directly from the Atlas Mountains. The minimum age of our rugs is 30 years.

These unique pieces add a degree of tradition and authenticity to our homes and are an excellent addition to any room.

All of our rugs are vintage and as such, may show varying signs of repair or wear. Prior to leaving Morocco, all rugs are inspected by expert craftsman to ensure they are of a high quality. While wool is a durable textile, please refer to our care tips to help keep your rug beautiful and in the best condition.